Materials & Tools



80 Bullers Rings and Gauge
  • as used for the current glost firing in the gas kiln at Gladstone
  • trials measuring gauge - from Gladstone
  • old, used, trial rings for display

1 Ton of Wad Clay
  • 1 cwt required by 10 August 1978 for testing
  • deliver to Gladstone, pug room, by Thurs 24 August 1978
  • quantity later revised upwards to 2 tons

5 cwt (Hundred Weights) arch bricks
  • to build checker brickwork in glut arches
  • from Gladstone yard. Billy the builder.

0.5 Tons Red building sand
  • from Longton Builders
  • in bags of 56 lb weight
  • delivered 25 August 1978

250 Common Bricks
  • for building the clammins
  • delivered 19 August 1978

2 cwt Building marl
  • same clay as saggar marl or wad clay
  • needs to be dry and ungrogged

12 tons Florence Nuts COAL
  • plus materials for lighting fires, newspaper, wooden sticks (dry) 


  • thimbles for dottling - from Gladstone dipping house
  • lots of saddles - from Gladstone placing shop
  • kiln furniture - from Gladstone placing shop

TOOLS and EQUIPMENT - some borrowed from Gladstone

  • Two short iron hooks for opening firedoors - from engine house
  • Two short punching pokers
  • Two trial hooks for drawing Bullers Rings from oven
  • Three No.8 British Standard Shovels for baiting - from fitting shop
  • Five saggar makers shords - from saggar making shop
  • One bench - from engine house
  • One big chair - from engine house
  • One wooden wheel barrow - from yard
  • One metal wheelbarrow - from yard
  • One sack truck for moving sacks of coal - from fitting shop
  • One pub table - wooden - from fitting shop
  • Three Osses in good condition. One at least 9 to 10 feet high - from yard
  • Wad boards
  • Ware boards
  • Two placing benches
  • Demonstration wad mill
  • 12 wooden boards for standing on in oven
  • One extension light for use in oven
  • Gloves for handling saggars
  • One wheelbarrow for removing ashes - from yard
  • Special display items - bowls of lobby
  • One set of barriers for putting around placers in placing shop
  • One set of barriers for putting around factory kilns
  • One recording thermocouple
  • One set of turnstiles
  • One set of barriers for between turnstiles
  • Chairs/stools for use by turnstile attendants
  • Metal rings or bricks for balancing saggars on while placing 
  • Kettle or coffee pots filled with oil and taper for lighting
  • One set of hoarding to be placed at rear of Caroline Works
  • Two cash boxes / ticket boxes
  • One set emergency exit signs/fire exit signs
  • One set advertising/instruction signs
  • Identity passes for volunteers
  • Tables and chairs for Red Cross and for media people
  • Benches at Gladstone for unpacking ware
  • No parking signs at from entrance to Hudson and Middleton
  • Vehicle for transporting equipment